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Primary Features :

  • To support the smooth tilt shooting, equipped with a lock operation unnecessary of the shift mechanism
  • New equipped with a PC Revolving mechanism that can be set free to shift and operating direction of the tilt to perpendicular from parallel
  • Lens construction: 13 group 17 sheets (three ED lens, two aspherical lens)
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.25m
  • Aperture number of blades: 9 sheets (circular aperture)
  • Size: 89mm × 124mm
  • Weight: about 885g
  • Nano Crystal Coat-fluorine coating
  • Shipping Date: October 28, 2016

Nikon presents the first FX-format lens with perspective control function (PC) equipped with two mechanisms of rotation. This new level of flexibility in the area of composition. The PC NIKKOR 19mm f / 4E ED is designed for photographers with a unique sense of space and makes it ideal in architectural photography, art and landscape.

The angle of view and unique opportunities tilt and shift, and most importantly rotation tilt relative to the slide, and the whole optical system make NIKKOR 19mm f / 4E ED with manual focus allows photographers to take pictures with the ideal starting point. Both the top roll and the shift can be controlled separately or simultaneously, which resembles the movements of the camera format. Photographers gain thanks to excellent control over the focal plane and can easily - by using the shift - get pictures without the effect of the convergence line. Using the tilt feature can also take pictures of landscapes, where all plans will be sharp - without ever closing the aperture, as in the case of standard lenses. The angle of view equivalent focal length of 19 mm is ideal for shooting large objects and space, and unique optical design of the lens minimizes the typical wide-angle lens distortion - even at the edges of the frame.

The FX-format lens is a long-awaited addition to the line of NIKKOR lenses with a control function perspective. NIKKOR 19mm f / 4E ED is a response to the expectations of professional photographers using lenses PC, which offers the perfect combination of angle with uncompromising image quality throughout the frame - says Dirk Jasper, Manager. Product marketing at Nikon Europe.

A summary of the most important functions

Ultra-angle focal length 19 mm
By viewing angle focal length of 19mm photographers to reproduce the actual proportions uwiecznianych subjects or focus more on structure, not in the foreground.

High precision: legendary quality NIKKOR lenses

Two aspherical lenses considerably reduce the phenomenon of coma and other types of aberration. Three glasses of glass-low Dispersion minimize longitudinal chromatic aberration.Nikon's Nano Crystal Coat virtually eliminates reflections and flare in the whole area of the frame even when shooting against the light.

Rotation in two layers: to take pictures with the ideal starting point
Tilt and shift can be controlled separately or simultaneously. Tilt mechanism can be rotated independently by a maximum of 90 ° in each direction. It is also possible to rotate the entire lens up to a maximum of 90 °.

Smooth operation: excellent quality and outstanding ergonomics
Robust sliding mechanism allows for smooth operation. The lens has a small footprint and weighs approx. 885 g. It is also equipped with a fluorine coating Nikon, which actively repel water, dust and dirt without affecting image quality.


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